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Posted on: October 29, 2009 10:44 am

Ian Sugden

Mrs. Perala

English 11

October 22, 2009

The Inconvenient Truth

            The playwright known as The Crucible, was written by Arthur Miller in the 1960’s. Within this play, the court seems to be determined to find people guilty at all costs. Often, it seems like the court seems to be dodging the truth in order to convict these people. This causes people who may not be guilty, to become convicted.

Judge Danforth spearheads the convictions of the Salem Witch Trials. Judge Danforth’s legal procedure, and religious beliefs, as well as his personal reasons, interfere with him finding the truth. One example of this is that he uses “Spectral Evidence” to convict people of witchcraft. The idea of spectral evidence offers no proof, and should have not been used to determine people’s lives. Judge Danforth relies on the idea that the girls can see the accused witches, instead of solid proof. Danforth relies on the word of the teenage girls, over all other legal procedures. This shows that the court is almost bias to the accused witches, and are trying to find them guilty, instead of proving them so.

Another example of how the court is dodging the truth is how Danforth rejects Revered Hale of more time to talk to the accused witches, and try and convince them to confess.  Danforth says that it will be an embarrassment to the court if they do so. He doesn’t want to have the community to doubt the decisions of the court, after they have already killed multiple people on counts of witchcraft. The fact the Danforth would rather see people die, then to have his court questioned of embarrassed is a perfect example of how the court seems determined not to find the truth.

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