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Ian Sugden

Mrs. Perala

English 11

October 22, 2009

The Inconvenient Truth

            The playwright known as The Crucible, was written by Arthur Miller in the 1960’s. Within this play, the court seems to be determined to find people guilty at all costs. Often, it seems like the court seems to be dodging the truth in order to convict these people. This causes people who may not be guilty, to become convicted.

Judge Danforth spearheads the convictions of the Salem Witch Trials. Judge Danforth’s legal procedure, and religious beliefs, as well as his personal reasons, interfere with him finding the truth. One example of this is that he uses “Spectral Evidence” to convict people of witchcraft. The idea of spectral evidence offers no proof, and should have not been used to determine people’s lives. Judge Danforth relies on the idea that the girls can see the accused witches, instead of solid proof. Danforth relies on the word of the teenage girls, over all other legal procedures. This shows that the court is almost bias to the accused witches, and are trying to find them guilty, instead of proving them so.

Another example of how the court is dodging the truth is how Danforth rejects Revered Hale of more time to talk to the accused witches, and try and convince them to confess.  Danforth says that it will be an embarrassment to the court if they do so. He doesn’t want to have the community to doubt the decisions of the court, after they have already killed multiple people on counts of witchcraft. The fact the Danforth would rather see people die, then to have his court questioned of embarrassed is a perfect example of how the court seems determined not to find the truth.

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Dangerous...Be careful with the phone book?

Im on the internet alot, and i fill out alot of forms to join random sites, and groups. BUT, Recently my mother has been getting on me telling me "Dont give out your Name, Address, or Phone Number on line...its too dangerous". I decided to listen to her, but after several mind numbing hours at the computer, I realized something. ALL the information she told not to give out (Name, Address, Phone) can be EASYILY accessed in ONE SOURCE...can anyone name that source? Thats right, the PHONE BOOK....Its all in there. Is the phone book dangerous too? Are people today are falling too deep into the whole "Protect your Children, everything is dangerous, speed dail 1 is 911" stuff. Sure, things happen, but are we getting a little to paranoid?

I have yet to write a blog about ANY sport...Lets keep it up
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Im still in school. Some of you may know that, some of you may not. But, many of you may not know that i am EXCELLENT in the English Subject (Im usually pretty modest, but, im good). Anyways, we were told to write a paragraph explaining an were the item...So, i did it, it sounded GREAT and she (the teacher) was absoulutly tickled when she read it.

But, she said that it wasnt all GRAMATICALLY CORRECT, and that it wouldnt be given full points...Confused as hell, i asked her whats wrong about it..She said "You said you were a Pair of Jeans"..."You cant be a PAIR of Jeans"...."The letter 'A' indicated that it is was singular, but, saying a 'Pair' also made it plural"...Does this make any sense to you? What else am i supposed to call it, "A Single of Jeans?".

I understand where shes coming from, but EVERYONE in the world calls in a Pair of Jeans...theres nothing else you can call it when trying to refer to the classic blue denim pant.
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Posted on: August 26, 2008 10:21 pm

Employers charging Employees?

I recently received a pay check after 2 weeks of work, hoping to buy myself that new driver ive been checking-out for the last few months (Im only 16), and opened up my check, and it had a meer 127$, which is well short of the cost of my dream Driver. Puzzled, i look at my check, and it actually had 100$ off of it for a billing error that i gave a guest (I work at a resort), in the guest favor. 100$ may not be that much, but it was nearly HALF my paycheck, and at least 3 days of work (6.75 hour doesnt get you much). I began to wonder, do accountants get their errors taken off there paycheck? I dont think so, so should Employees be charged for errors? No, Employers are paying us to do our jobs to our best abilities, they pay us to do work that they cant, or dont want to do. So how can they blame us for, and charge us for, a simple error? (Exspecially at 6.75 an kidding me?)
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Posted on: March 16, 2008 8:41 pm

Girls VolleyBall?

First off, for anyone that read all my long blog posts that i just deleted, and were confused. I posted them so i could transfer homework from my school to here (my home) via internet.

Anyways, ive noticed something kinda funny. In girls Volleyball, they wear these really tight and hot spandex. They hide nothing. But it has been this way for a long time, girls and the really tight, short, spandex. Then i started think..."what is the completitive advantage of the spandex?". If they had any advantage, wouldnt shaq or any other pro athlete wear the spandex? Do the girls just wear them to get people to their games?
Give my your opinion.

Joke- Did you hear about the gay midget?

Punchline-He just came out of the cupboard
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First issue of of the "4T"

I will start my weekly blog with an introduction of myself....Toddy101....Im growing up in a small town in minnesota. I am of teenage age, so if anything i say shows anysort of blissful ignorance, please remember im a teen, and thats what i do. And if you have any negative complaints, keep them to your self, because i really dont care what you think. But if you have a comment on how good "4T's" is, leave them, i love that kind of stuff. Anyways..enjoy the first issue of many to come.

Topic 1- CBS and the Sportsline....
I have been using this site for a while now, and eventhough it is a good site, it is definately lacking in many ways. First, im tired of all my comments being deleted by the Admins. I post a subject that is about them, and they delete it. I mean, doesnt American have freedom of speech? I know, we want to keep this site clean, but c'mon, some of the stuff they delete are ridiculous. But, we cant do anything to change that, so...moving on...I think the Sportsline should have some sort of chatroom application. I think this will eliminate thread that turn into a chatroom. Kinda like the 10fest was back in the day. I big slow chatroom. But again, unless we can find a way to change that, it will stay that way.

Like i said, i will keep this one short. I need to get into the swing of things before i can get this good, until then, dont be suprised if they are somewhat dry. But it would really help if you left me some input. I wanna hear what i could do better.

NOTE-Check this either tomorrow or a few days...ive got an idea that may work, and if it does, then one of my topis might be realized. Get ready for this....

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